Why I Don’t Want a Giants Belt Buckle

Much as I love my Texas Rangers, I do not live in Texas for a reason.  I do not like country music.  I do not like hot weather.  I do not wear belt buckles.  Horses sort of scare me.  And although I do have something of an incredible British accent, I can’t talk Texan for the life of me.  And I repeat, I do not wear belt buckles.  Not even Giant belt buckles.

Thumbnail image for belt buckle.PNG

They are a fashion-faux pas.

They are really slightly bizarre.

So what is prompting my anti-belt buckle rampage?

Well, have you taken a look at the Giants 2011 promotions calendar?        

On Saturday, July 23rd (versus the Brewers, so I may actually be there) we will be treated to Country Western Night and the first 20,000 fans get a Giants belt buckle.

Where do they come up with these ideas?

If they’d promised me a coupon for a free download of Letters from Home sung by Aubrey Huff it would have gotten the same point across, but in a preferable way.  Or a DVD of The Frisco Kid, which is the only Western-ish movie I’ve even seen and that was because I am a Harrison Ford fangirl.  Or something- anything- other than a belt buckle.

Anyway.  The next day, also against the Brewers, is Fedora Day, where we all get free fedoras.  No one looks good in fedoras except A-Rod of Cam-Rod.  Even he is questionable in them.


What is it about the Brewers inspiring the Giants to bad promotions?

I’m not even going to the touch the whole Bring Your Dog Day thing.  Been there, said that. 


Diamond Girl


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3 responses to “Why I Don’t Want a Giants Belt Buckle

  1. blithescribe

    Yeah, I don’t really see you as the Giants belt buckle demographic. I do wonder what the marketing departments are thinking sometimes. I mean, there is a Rally Monkey Chia Pet giveaway at the Big A this season. Seriously? A chia pet?

  2. raysrenegade

    You know Aubrey Huff actually sang at Jake Peavy’s fundraiser in Arizona last season. I think he will have to sing again to keep the streak going….but keep the thong in the sock drawer this time Huffy.
    Every season there is one of those giveaways that make you go hmmmm?
    The Giants belt buckle is one of the one that comes to mind for 2011. The Rays did a Carl Crawford action figure attached to a parachute in 2010. I do not think you could get CC into a plane much lessjump out of it with some silk on his back…realism there people.
    Maybe they are hoping for a wagon train from San Jose or possibly distant Yuba City…either way, it is better than a Marlins airhorn commonlyknown as a vuvuzela.

    Rays Renegade

  3. russelw

    I actually always wanted to try “Bring your dog to the game” night. They never have it at Wrigley.

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