Super Bowl Sunday? Nah. MLB Monday.


I crawled out of hibernation this morning and noticed a few things:

*It’s sunny.  And warm.  The sky is deep blue and cloudless.  Then I read that the Bay Area has some of the best weather in the country right now.


*The cherry trees are blooming

cherry blossoms.jpg

*I kind of want a Chrysler.  And I kind of want to move to Detroit.  Easy, I said, “kind of”.  As in “very sort of”.  No immenent (or Eminemt) plans right now or anything.


* Super Bowl Sunday is finito.


And that can all only mean one thing:

It’s MLB Monday.

You can whoop right about now.

We’ve have just about made it out of the offseason alive and I see light at the end of the tunnel.

Giant, sunny weather cheers!

::clinks orange juice glass::


Diamond Girl


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2 responses to “Super Bowl Sunday? Nah. MLB Monday.

  1. raysrenegade

    “MLB Monday”.
    I like the ring of that.
    Itis kind of funny that while the Packer fans were drooling over their new toy trophy, the rest of the baseball loving Nation was salivating at the dawn of the 2011 baseball season.
    I am too excited and thrilled that there will be the sounds of ball hitting glove in less than 7 days time.
    It might only be pitchers and catchers, but that is fine with me as the rest of the squad slowly arrive, get their gear stowed, then get ready for more fun in the Sun both in AZ and FL.
    You can smell the pine tar in the air….Ahhhhhhh!

    Rays Renegade

  2. moresplashhits

    MLB Monday, indeed.

    Seven days until pitchers and catchers report!


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