My 5 Favorite Parts of a Day in the Life of Tim Lincecum

Disclaimer:  This post will come across as moderately to extremely incoherent if you have not watched the show that aired last night on Comcast SportsNet Bay Area, A Day in the Life of Tim Lincecum.  The whole this is online here and it’s worth watching if only because it’s the offseason.  And baseball fans do stupid things in the offseason like women do after breakups (you know, like eating extraordinary amounts of ice cream).

5.  Timmy walks into laundry room.  Realizes there is (dirty?)  laundry all over the floor and tries to pick it up. 

As if we hadn’t already seen it. But I do that too.

4.  “Zito would have a day with this!”

Someone affiliated with the Giants sees something related to music.  Zito alarm bells go off in head.  Always.  Every time.

3.  “What am I supposed to do here??”        

That was honestly my favorite moment in the show.  Those interactive museum things confuse me to no end.  I usually end up breaking them and then bolting before anyone notices.

2.  Tim Lincecum style.

Tim Lincecum style.PNG

I’m not going to pick on his clothes.  I mean, yes the vest/hoodie/t-shirt combo is bizza- – right.  Not picking on his clothes.  But hair is fair game.  And the long bang thing weirds me out.

1.”Whose head is that big?  Oh, I know who.  Bochy.”

Yeah.  Bochy.   And I bet Bochy hangs out at places like that.

Diamond Girl

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