My eyes are crossing.

My eyes are crossing.

cross eyes.jpg

My Twitter feed is exploding with tweets about people who I’ve really, totally never heard of and their arbitration deals.  I mean, why did nobody warn me that today is The Ultimate Arbitration Day?  A little warning would have softened the blow and I would have done a cucumber treatment on my eyes last night in preparation for the exploding Twitter feed thing.

cucumber on eyes.jpg

I had a dream last night that the Rangers re-signed Bengie Molina and it made me wonder if there’s any news on him.  Google News search ensues.  No news.  In the dream I was also stumbling across the field at AT&T Park, which was made out of that bizarre springy material they have on playgrounds, in these nightmarishly high shoes.  Yeah.  Bengie being re-signed was the only nice part of the dream.


So what’s the weirdest baseball dream you’ve ever had?  As you probably know, I dream a good deal about baseball.  Especially in the offseason.  Do share, beautiful people.  And sweet dreams to all.

sweet dreams.gif

Diamond Girl


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2 responses to “My eyes are crossing.


    No news yet on Bengie Molina. Nolan Ryan was quoted today that an extension of GM Jon Daniels’ contract over the next couple of weeks is a priority. But no mention of Molina. The Rangers’ FanFest is this Saturday, my birthday as luck has it. CJ Wilson told me he’ll be there for a few hours so I’ll do my best to see if I can get him to autograph a copy of your blog for you (maybe the “hair blog”?). If I get the job done, I’ll write so you can tell me how to get it to you. Looking forward to your blog on the Giants’ FanFest. Wish I could be there, too. (So greedy.) But Brian Wilson doesn’t need another female stalker. Love your blogs! TXMireille

    • That’s so sweet of you. Happy (early) birthday and have a great time at FanFest… crossing my fingers that JD’s contact extension will be final by then or soon after. And I’ll stalk Brian Wilson a little for you at Giants FanFest :)

      Thanks for reading!

      Diamond Girl

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