I Am Giddily Excited About the Winter Meetings and 5 Things I Hate About the Offseason

Wow, one month since the Giants won the World Series?  Doesn’t it seem like just yesterday?


It’s very interesting for me to look back at the season, though, now that I am a little bit removed from it.  From Opening Day (and even before) I was so wrapped up in the 2010 Giants that only now I can really appreciate how incredible their season was.  So many things happened in the 2010 that none of us expected, I think.  So now I’m getting nostalgic and missing baseball and I decided to write 5 Things I Hate About the Offseason.  Only five, because I am giddily excited about the Winter Meetings.  You read that right: giddily.  So I can’t write that many bad things about the offseason, because without the offseason, when would the Winter Meetings be?  And there is ample time to wear boots and trench coats in the offseason.  And there’s rain.  And lots of excuses to eat brownies and cakes and other wonderful things.  But yeah, this is the bad things.  Take a look (well, first at the boots and then the Things).


Loewe, Hermes, Chalayan, and Vuitton

5 Things I Hate About the Offseason

5.   I have this theory that people are nicer during baseball season.  Not just baseball fans, but everyone.  Because having baseball in the air does that to people.  So that would mean that during the offseason the world is basically a meaner place.


4.  A large percentage of MLB players, including Giants, migrate to the LA area.  Traitors.  That’s Dodgertown, USA.


TACKY!  Bieber isn’t even from LA.  He is Canadian.  More appropriate on a hockey ad or something.

3.  It rains and no one breathes a word about rain delays.  Because there are no baseball games going on.


Who else adores Norman Rockwell, by the way?

2.  Things that would sound silly during the season become not so silly, like, “Will Jeter Leave NY?” 


1.  A lot happens in the offseason but the amount of dead time drives me a little crazy.  Baseball fans aren’t used to this.  Baseball is every day and the postseason does little to make the transition easier.

woman with computer.jpg

That is obviously me, going crazy. 

0.  (Because I have one last one and 5 Things sounds better than 6 things.)  Patrick Connor (@pcon34) said it best, a few days after baseball season ended: “It’s kind of boring & lonely without any baseball.”


Kindly ignore the fact that this is The Home of the People Who Wear Blue and Put Blue all Over Their City.

What do you hate about the offseason?  Is anyone else giddily excited for the Winter Meetings?  Or is anyone going who cares to put me in their suitcase?  I’m short.  And I’ll be really quiet.  Other than the blowdryer.  And the stilettos clonking around every morning.  Seriously, really quiet.

blow dryer.jpg

Diamond Girl

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