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Peace and Love and Antlers to All + My Resolutions for 2011

Peace and love and antlers to all!

I am purging 2010 (though seriously, what is there to purge?  The Giants and the Rangers played each other in the World Series) by redoing my nail polish.  Even so, I love New Year’s Eve and am pumped for 2011.  It’s going to be very good.  Armando Galarraga will do fantastically along with Eugenio Velez (he’ll do well, but the Dodgers won’t, of course) and Joe Martinez, who will be signed by the Rangers before the offseason ends.  ::Diamond Girl gives Jon Daniels a very pointed look::  The Niners may also hire me as their GM (okay, yes, that’s unlikely).  Bud Selig will decide to do important things like make the wild card wild and rename the Winter Meetings (this year from December 6th-9th) because everyone knows winter begins on December 21st.  The world will get over their Glee complex and watch baseball instead.  And the world will accept the antlers as the truth of all creation and wear them all year round.

I’m not really into New Year resolutions, but I’m going to try it this year. 

1.  I resolve to visit my grandparents in Los Angeles without fighting over whether Wilson or Broxton is a better closer. 

2.  I resolve to dissolve my life savings and go to Citi Field or Yankee Stadium. 

3.  I resolve to carry a sign to an A’s vs. Rangers game and get the object of my sign to autograph it. 

4.  I resolve to crash the 2011 GM Meetings. 

5.  I resolve to repeat my feat of walking over every inch of AT&T Park in stilettos. 

Okay.  I now have plenty to do next year.  Soon it’ll be time (It’s Time!) to settle in for a night of delayed Times Square.  Happy New Year everyone.   Hugs and cupcakes and aviator Prada sunglasses to all in the coming year.  2011’s gonna rule.

Diamond Girl

p.s.  2010 was my first year at this- blogging- and so I want to thank you all again for reading and commenting.  71 entries.  A lot of talk about Ryan Braun.  I dig the world.


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5 Reasons Diamond Girl Should Be the 49ers New GM

I’m going to get everyone’s minds off the offseason for a little while and have some fun…

I follow a lot of Bay Area sports people on Twitter so I’ve been reading a lot about the 49ers search for a new General Manager.  Today, the team president stated that the search will continue until the “right person” is found (you can read the Comcast SportsNet story here).  Well, Jed York, the right person is sitting right here! 

Emily with niners hat.PNG

I love the 49ers so much that I wore a hat with their logo when I got my picture taken with the World Series trophy.  Never mind that this photo appears to the right without the hat.

Allow me to explain:

5 Reasons Diamond Girl Should Be the 49ers New General Manager

5.  I have the GM drawl totally down.  It includes elongating the vowels in organization so it sounds something like, “oorgiinizaaatiooon”.

4.   I know a lot about football.  I mean, I’ve watched enough bad fashion shows to know how a linebacker walks.

3.  I would turn the ‘Stick into a luxury resort to watch the games from.  Complete with fake suns for perfect weather all year round and swimming pools to watch games from.  And we would sell martinis instead of beer.  While we might alienate most of the fan base, I bet we’d get some new fans.

2.  I, um, really love football.  Especially, um, the 49ers.  And I have lots of stupid jokes about the team digging for gold up my sleeve.  And I would personally sing the first verse of Oh My Darling Clementine before each game.  (In a cavern, in a canyon, Excavating for a mine, Dwelt a miner forty niner, And his daughter Clementine…)

1.  I would change my name to Rectangle Girl even though that’s really lame because I want this job so much.

Who is utterly convinced I am the right choice and will get the job?  Positivity only, people.  Positivity only.

Diamo- – oh, sorry.  Right.  Rectangle Girl


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Something Semi-Important and Semi-Barry Zito Related Happens

Looking back I realized I’ve been blogging pretty steadily this offseason, despite the absence of Important and Barry Zito Related Things happening.  But something semi-important and semi-Barry Zito related happened yesterday, so I need to chronicle it.  (Maybe the semi should be in bold?)

I went down to Santa Cruz with my family yesterday because the day between storms in late December is obviously the perfect day to go the beach.  Duh.  And it’s also the perfect time to test out my intrepid explorer persona by going in the water.   This is California and everything but the water was cold.

Anyway.  We were watching the sun set at Westcliff Beach and there were lots of surfers.  Which inevitably led to a conversation about the whole “surfer chicks love surfer guys. . . . Hot chicks don’t dig ballplayers” theory.  And by the time the sun had set we had all reached the conclusion that the statement is false.  Take note, Zito!


The surfer guys.  None of whom had sandy blonde hair and super white smiles, for the record.  What has the surfer guy come to?


And the sunset was very beautiful

And there’s only one full month of complete offseason left.  January is going to fly by and then catchers and pitchers report to camp.  We can last that long, right?  I mean, as long as a few more Important and Barry Zito Related Things happen I can totally last.

Diamond Girl

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Mini-Non-Denominational Things That Grow, Cam-Rod in Los Cabos, a Carrot for Brian Sabean and the Haunted iPod

I don’t celebrate Christmas, but I did get a Mini-Non-Denominational Thing That Grows for my desk because I am a sucker for sparkly trees.   And it sheds.  Everywhere.  All the time.  Why did nobody warn me about this occupational hazard of Mini-Non-Denominational Things That Grow?

pine needles.PNG

Anyway, the only noteworthy thing I’ve found on the baseball news front these past few days is that Alex Rodriguez is spending the holidays in Los Cabos with Cameron Diaz (can we call them Cam-Rod?).  Which is, of course, very noteworthy.  Not.   Hey, GMs, please make something interesting happen.  Diamond Girl is turning into TMZ 2.0.

TMZ 2.0.png

And Joe Martinez was designated for assignment by the Pirates.  Not good news at all.  Since Sabean is into the whole rejects and cast-offs thing, maybe he could re-sign Joey?  I’ll make him a baseball shaped carrot cake with wicked good cream cheese frosting if he does it.  Same goes for you, Doug Melvin and Jon Daniels.  Your carrot cake is waiting.


Good luck to all braving the stores for last minute shopping today.  I braved the Apple store yesterday because my iPod Touch was moving by itself.  The geniuses at the Genius Bar said it was hypersensitive and gave me a new one.  I think it was haunted.  So far the new one is being normal, but I’m keeping my distance.  Freaky iPods are… you know, freaky.

Feliz Navidad and Joyeux Noël, y’all.

Diamond Girl

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MLB Fashion Watch: Carlos Beltran for TALLIA Orange and Tim Lincecum at the ‘Hawks Game

I was reading through Women’s Fashion Fall 2010 edition of The New York Times Style Magazine and flipping through endless bizarre Hermès ads (think: random horses in the background) when I came upon this one.


::Diamond Girl does double take::

Yep, that’s Carlos Beltran.  For the Fall/Winter 2010 TALLIA Orange campaign.   It’s a really pretty campaign and Beltran is an interesting choice.   Not necessarily the first person you’d think of, but a good choice, I think.


His natural coloring matches the clothing and the theme of the ads and he oozes “clothing with a less serious attitude” and whimsical and fun, which is how they describe the line.  The line is available at Macy’s so, guys, go out and buy it.

Now for the less pretty of MLB fashion.  Tim Lincecum at a Seahawks game.

Timmy jacket.PNG

I like how he’s developed a signature style element; the beanie.  And I like how he made an effort to color coordinate the hoodie with the jersey.  Really, I do.  But there is such a thing as over color coordinating.  And this is a walking and talking example.  A simple black or grey hoodie would have emphasized his team jersey, rather than distracting from it.  The general rule is one splash of bright color per outfit.  So if you have a bright skirt, you wear black leggings and a simple t-shirt.  And if he had gotten a hoodie in a different shade of grey it would have drawn in the beanie.  Win-win. 

I’m not just picking on him.  I have my own fashion problems.  I mean, it’s Day 26 in snowflake earrings.  26 days in the same pair of earrings is a giant, giant fashion faux-pas.


Diamond Girl

p.s.   Who saw the eclipse last night?  The weather was cooperative here and it was incredible.  A little creepy, though, when it was mostly eclipsed.  Because it seriously looked like it was going to turn over and grin at me.  Think Cheshire Cat.  Tim Burton rules.

cheshire cat.jpg

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