Hello from the Not-Sahara Desert: The Giants Win the Pennant!

The Giants win the pennant!  The Giants win the pennant!  The Giants win the pennant!

You know what’s magic?  Are you kidding me?  The POSTSEASON!

Today- okay, yesterday- was a fairytale.  Actually, this whole season has been a fairytale for the Giants .  When Chris Haft of mlb.com wrote a blog post today titled “The fairytale isn’t over yet” I thought, That is so true.  For both the Giants and the Rangers, in my opinion.  As Bruce Bochy put it, the cast-offs and  the mis-fits have fit together.  I am so pumped for the happily ever after for either team.  I’ve been hoping for and predicting Rangers vs. Giants World Series for most of the year and am going to be happy whichever teams wins.  Unlike the Fox producers, I’m sure, who seemed tremendously unmoved at the last out and ensuing celebration.  But they both give pretty fun champagne filled interviews, so postgame should be good either way.  Fear the Beard vs. Fear the Deer it is.  Bengie vs. Buster it is.



 In other news, I was totally, utterly and mercifully wrong.   Some adorable person bought an HD TV for the apartment I’m staying in and I suckered someone into lending me a computer this weekend so life is good in NYC.  Life is not good in that Citi Field is not, in fact, giving tours right now but I was doing more than my fair share of window-shopping on Madison and 5th Avenue and I stared at the 2010 World Series trophy in the window of Tiffany’s for a good five minutes.  It’s mesmerizingly beautiful.  So, of course, this was a photo op not to be missed.  ::cue duhs::    I imbued the thing with my fantastic karma, so whoever gets it take note, it will have a strong feeling of, “Diamond Girl Was Here.”

Emily at Tiffany's.jpg

I am, in fact, aware how blurry that photo is and the creepiness of my face thereof and it’s because it’s a photo of a photo.  Long and unriveting story why, but I’ll post the gorgeous original when I get back to the Bay Area next week.  In the meantime, if it gives your children or you, for that matter, nightmares, I apologize.  I will also make you vanilla cupcakes someday, to make up for it.

Hugs to all,

Diamond Girl


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2 responses to “Hello from the Not-Sahara Desert: The Giants Win the Pennant!

  1. YankeeCase

    I so need vanilla cupcakes, you have no idea!

    So glad you found that NYC is not the Sahara you thought it’d be. This city has got to be one of the most wired cities in the world. I’ll give you my Optimum Wifi password if you need it! Glad you’re enjoying your time here though.

    No one’s getting any nightmares from your photo. Cute pic there. (ahem!) I mean of the trophy…! It’ll be ours once again next year…

    Congrats to your Giants. I’ll be rooting for them, even though you didn’t root for my Yankees. Even with the offer of blueberry juice and everything!

  2. sfdiamondgirl

    You are welcome to some vanilla cupcakes. And some carrot cake, with cream cheese frosting, if you want. I am back in San Fran where my house is always filled with desserts. I am lacking blueberry juice, though, and am seriously tempted to come over to your side. Maybe next year I will root for the Yankees… if you give me your WiFi next time I’m in NYC :)

    That trophy may very well be yours next year. I’m a big Girardi fan, so I was glad to hear he’s been re-signed. How about Giants vs. Yanks World Series, 2011?

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