No, That Game Did Not Shock Me, What Google Is For And On the 141st Most Common Baby Name in 1977

I wasn’t shocked that the Giants won that game last night.  Has anyone else noticed that the “underdog” always wins?  To an extent that we should just call ‘em the overdogs and be done with it. 



Like everyone else on the face of this beautiful planet, I can’t stand the Fox announcers but I do enjoy seeing it on TV from time to time so this game was fun.  Aside from the fact that Edgar Renteria and Mike Fontenot always look like they’re about to cry.  Has anyone else noticed that?  With Renteria it’s sort of a constant look of melancholy whereas with Fontenot, it’s permanent moisture around his eyes.  Speaking of moisture… would someone like to clue me into why one would drink Gatorade and then immediately spit it out.  If it’s just a show for the cameras, then who taught those guys what fans like to see?  Um, not you spitting out a stream of Gatorade.




Picture is slightly irrelevant because this player seems to actually be drinking his drink.  Which is not a weird thing to do, contrary to what you might think from watching sport’s broadcasts.


Today’s game is going to be a struggle for me because I’ve always been an Oswalt fan and part of me really wants his decision to go to the Phillies, because he saw them as a potentially World Series winning team, to pay off.  But he’s the only player from the team who I like, so I am going to try to root totally and utterly for Sanchez and the Giants.  Depending on the state of Sanchez’s chameleon facial hair, that may be more or less difficult.  Will keep you posted.


Lastly, for now, on the hair thing… Dear Cody Ross:  A shaved head and sort-of-kind-of-no-not-really beard may be acceptable for a rodeo clown, but, um, it is not in the NLCS.  I suggest you get rid of the beard, pronto.


cody ross.jpg


I was also kind of wondering if Roy was a really popular baby name in 1977, the year Oswalt and Halladay were both born so I looked it up and Roy was the 141st most common name that year.  Then I looked Halladay up and his name isn’t really Roy.  That’s a nickname.  Theory, invalidated.


baby names.jpg


I would just like to put it out there one last time that I have serious Rally Rag envy issues.  If any generous people have an extra one, leave it by the Prada sunglasses at Saks Fifth Avenue on Union Square.  I spend a good chunk of my life there so I’ll find it within a few days and if you leave your name, I’ll give you a virtual hug.  And a real hug if you buy me some sunglasses.


I also came to the realization, when the Fox guys referenced “Giants Baseball:  Torture” that it has been way, way overused.  I love the phrase and think it very well represents the 2010 Giants but everyone just says it so much.  At the least, I hope people will stop telling the whole story behind it.  Because surely we all know by now and we can just use the phrase?  If someone doesn’t know and is interested, well, that’s what Google is for!



Diamond Girl

p.s.  I just noticed last night that Wilson’s glove says, “WILSON” in big black letters.  It is dorky and adorable at the same time.


And isn’t that just a fantastic pose?


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3 responses to “No, That Game Did Not Shock Me, What Google Is For And On the 141st Most Common Baby Name in 1977


    One mouthful of any Gatorade “flavor” (more like a poisonous looking color than a true “flavor”) would most likely induce a gag or spit up reflex in you as well. Have you ever sampled any of this concoction, which is sort of a cross between windshield wiper fluid and salty slime water? If you cut Gatorade with enough plain water, it becomes just barely palatable assuming you don’t have access to anything else to swallow. Imagine being lost in the Sahara dessert, dying of thirst and coming across an acrid puddle of bright blue or orange colored liquid at a Gatorade sponsored oasis studded with dead palm trees on the fringes. Then and perhaps only then could you swallow an undiluted mouthful.

    Gatorade is good for one thing in baseball. When a player snaps and goes on a dugout rampage from time to time, it’s no surprise to me that the first target of his rage is generally that neon colored Gatorade cooler which dispenses a revolting liquid he is forced to use as a Listerine like mouthwash from time to time due to sponsorship obligations.

  2. rrrt

    Gotta agree with the above commenter, Gatorade really doesn’t taste very good – it’s way too sweet for my taste.

    Anyway, Cody’s “beard” isn’t too fearsome, but have you seen him without it? He resembles an evil elf!
    Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

  3. YankeeCase

    Looks like we’re in the same boat DiamondGirl…

    Tied 1-1, we both ‘stole’ game one and then lost pretty bad in game two with a slightly unproven pitchers (ok, sanchez has a no-hitter, but hughes had 6 and 2/3 of no hit ball before getting injured…!). Very weirdly similar.

    Now it’s time for both our teams to come through and win game three at home. And it’s only against 2008’s NLCS and World Series MVP in Hamels, and 2008 AL Cy Young winner in Lee! Oh, goody!

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