My Selection Process for Liking Teams & What CJ Wilson and Viggo Mortensen Have in Common

After the Roy Halladay no-hitter yesterday, I was reminded how much I love baseball, no matter the team.  And what Halladay has done this year is just so, incredibly awesome.  I don’t know of another word to describe it.  But it also got me thinking, How does one become a fan of a certain team?  Why do I enjoy watching this team more than that team?   I know some kids grow up with parents who are fans and get it from them, but it wasn’t that way for me.  My parents weren’t into baseball at all.  I fell in love with baseball after spending a lot, a lot of time at Little League games and then AT&T Park and Renel captured my heart.  I started listening on the radio a little.  A lot.  Every day.  (That was the progression.)  I think in the end it was Jon Miller, Dave Flemming, Kruk and Kuip who made me the fan th
at I am today.  And it was the overall vibe of the Giants that made me love them.  And Barry Zito.  Kidding, sort of.

kruk and kuip2.jpgdave and jon.jpg

Why aren’t there pictures anywhere of all four of them together?  Photo op, coming right up.

But my other allegiances may seem a little random.  Rangers, for instance?  (Who, by the way, I called to win the World Series months ago and was made fun of.  Let’s wait and see.)  It was their name, in that case.  I am a huge Lord of the Rings fan (you may have known that) and any other LOTRites will know that Aragorn is a ranger, from the North.  So the Texas Rangers always make me think of a tall, dark king of Men.  Then Bengie got traded and I started following CJ Wilson on Twitter and… the rest is history.

Thumbnail image for cj wilson1.jpg

My two favorite Rangers

The Brewers.  I’d like to pretend it had nothing to do with their 2007 ROY left-fielder (hint: his initials are R and B) but it kind of does.  It also because I’ve always been interested in losing teams.  It’s a mixture of interest and just feeling sorry for them and the stares that you get while rooting for the Brewers in San Francisco are pretty priceless.  That’s also why I like the Pirates, a litte bit.  In addition, they have Joe Martinez (well, their AAA affiliate has him, actually), who I am a big fan of which is another reason to root for the Steel City.


Joe Martinez.  I miss him.

And the A’s… it was their stadium.  I may be the first person to say this about The Coliseum but I love it.  (Do I get in the Diamond Girl Record Book, if I am the first?)


It’s quirky, it’s unique and it fits them.  That’s not an insult, Athletics.  (By the way, least subtle name ever?)  If they feel they need a new stadium, though, I hope they stay in Oakland.  They fit here.  The Las Vegas Athletics?  Not good.  I could think of a few names, though, if they do move to Las Vegas.  New blog post, coming right up?  Perhaps.

So.  Question time.  Raise your hand before you answer, please.  How did you become a fan of “your team”?  If it has to do with one left fielder, that’s okay.  You’re in good company.

ryan braun.jpg

Diamond Girl


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5 responses to “My Selection Process for Liking Teams & What CJ Wilson and Viggo Mortensen Have in Common

  1. lifetime250avg

    I come straight from the ‘dad was a fan’ and also from the ‘stadium-radio-players’ side of fandom. I have two sons who love the giants as much as I do; it is in the genes.
    But I just love the game of baseball and I also have my ‘other teams’ and ‘loser’ favs.
    Cubs are one of those lovable losers combined with a stadium that rocks. Other teams I follow because I love the way they play the game which can change every few years when I spot a new one and lose an old one (for a while).
    The only team I could never love? NYY (see 1962 WS among other reasons)
    Best regards

  2. serrabloodsong

    Just as a note…Las Vegas already has the 51’s, the AAA affiliate of the Blue Jays. Also…Aragorn is my reason too for loving the Rangers…I knew I wasn’t the only one to make that connection!

    Cya round!
    Shameless plug==>

  3. westcoastgirl

    Definitely started liking the Giants (and baseball) after hanging around so many college guys last year… that, and Torres was so fun to watch! He’s still my favorite Giant.
    I’m with you on the whole rooting for the underdogs thing though, which is a big reason why I’m still a Mariners fan (and it’s the only team in my state so I almost have no choice).

  4. levelboss

    a pink camo? that’s good for hiding in a strawberry patch!

    i’ve wondered what female fans think of the pink versions of their favorite team’s gear.. some women take much offense to the genderizing of fan gear
    Lauren, i saw your entry on DiamondGirl’s blog.. plugs for your blog are NOT shameless around here.. in fact that is how you get your blog more popular: visit blogs you like and every time you post, put your blog url link at the bottom – like what you did on DiamondGirl’s blog; people read the comments and then link to your blog :)

  5. levelboss

    oh crap.. sorry, DiamondGirl.. this comment was intended for Lauren of PinkSox.. my bad

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