The Kaleidoscope Team

Well.  Wow.  What to say?  It was just me and my dad at home when the Giants clinched but we had the radios on in my room, his office and the room in between so that we wouldn’t miss a moment while we walked back and forth.  And there was lots of hugging and a few tears (those were mine) when the Giants clinched.  I was actually pretty mellow the whole game, surprising for me and I did not flatiron my hair or make brownies, though I did chew an undisclosed amount of gum.  Those are my three ways of dispelling nervous energy- what are yours?  I will need them a lot in these coming weeks.


I adore this photo.  Just had to include it.

Of all the fantastic articles and great quotes published in the last 24 hours, this part of Andrew Baggerly (San Jose Mercury News) was my favorite by far…

For the first time since 1971, the Giants clinched a postseason berth with a victory in their final regular-season game; Juan Marichal pitched a five-hit complete game that day at old San Diego Stadium to make the Giants NL West champions.

“Yeah, but he didn’t hit a triple,” said Jonathan Sanchez, chin raised.


I think that triple was so perfect for the last game of the year and the clincher because it really speaks volumes about the team.  I’ll admit, it always worries me when a hit by the pitcher or Aaron Rowand, for example, wins the game.  Because I wonder, If we’re relying on these unreliable hitters to win, what will happen when they do the expected, and get out?  I’ve basically come to terms with just being how the teams is and it works.  My new name for the 2010 Giants is “The Kaleidoscope Team”.  The definition I got on the internet for kaleidoscope is, “a complex pattern of constantly changing colors and shapes.”  Isn’t that so the Giants?


I’ve also always marveled at how much a team comes to resemble its city, though most of the players and coaches are not even from the city.  But the Giants are just like San Francisco; diverse, a little quirky, but at the same time successful and classy.  The Yankees are a lot like NYC.  No explanation needed, on that.

golden gate.jpg

Corny as it may be to include a photo of the Golden Gate Bridge, a giant red bridge is kind of indicative of this beautiful city.

I’m proud of being a fan of the kaleidoscope team and living in the kaleidoscope city.  Let’s take this show on the road and display to the world how San Fran does things.

Diamond Girl


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3 responses to “The Kaleidoscope Team


    Pitchers did not use to be automatic outs and they shouldn’t be. This is the senior circuit and we should be showing AL teams how real baseball is played. Pitchers of the past gave lot more effort at the plate than nowadays.

    Anyways, my hearty congratulations to Giants. I had predicted that they would win the division and glad to be proven right. I love their starting rotation of TL, Cain, Zito, Sanchez, and Bumgarner. Hard to defy that on any good day. I also like your catcher, Posey. That guy is much better as a catcher than as a hitter. I will put him in the same league as Wieters, potential wise. Oh and he should be NL ROY by default, no voting needed.

    As much as I would like Giants to go all the way, it is quite difficult I think. Best of luck, I will be watching all their games or try to.

  2. serrabloodsong

    You really want to know how others dispel nervous energy? Ok, I buy nail polish…or just paint my nails…depends if I’m out and about…or simply at home.

    Very cute article today..and I think it’s apt comparison.

  3. levelboss

    Sweetheart, you know you have a double-post? just saying

    i think a Giants-Phillies NLCS would be freaky awesome.. it’s exactly the culmination of the ‘Year of the Pitcher’.. with both starting rotations being way awesome

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