What Timmy Did Right and Why I Don’t Like Catchers

I am counting the days ’til the Giants champagne party when they clinch the Division Title.  It’s coming, I feel it in my Ellen-Page-inspired-bangs, which never lie.  Rangers v. Giants World Series, too.  I’m calling it.

I don’t want to give you all the impression that I’m hair obsessed… but I am, a little bit.  (::Cue image of me flat-ironing my hair for an hour and staring at pictures in Elle magazine::)  So you know Tim Lincecum has been pitching exceptionally well this month, in serious contrast to his August performance.  People are saying that is because he’s gone back to his long-toss program, but I notice his hair is looking a lot better.  Which would, of course, mean that he stopped using the blowdryer.

Timmy before2.JPG

Before (July 2010):  Hair looks frizzy and blow-dried

Timmy after2.JPG

After (September 2010): Hair looks smooth and air-dried

As I mentioned in my previous post, linked to above, the negative impact of using a blow-dryer is the stress on the wrist, which could be problematic for his pitching.

By the way, I’ve discovered my excuse for not being a giant Buster Posey fan: I’m just not that into catchers.  I love Bengie and JoPo but I’ve just never become a huge fan of a catcher.  Here’s why:  I can’t see their faces.  This isn’t about nice eyes or eyebrows, it’s more just watching them mentally go through the game.  I started thinking about this because of what Jane Heller said in her book, Confessions of the She-Fan, about why she liked baseball as opposed to football or hockey and she said because of the lack of gear.  One of my favorite plays in the game, actually, is a catcher’s throw down to 2nd base and the catcher often rips off his mask before making that throw.

Am I crazy?  I’m very curious to hear other people’s opinions.

Diamond Girl


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4 responses to “What Timmy Did Right and Why I Don’t Like Catchers

  1. seedboy

    I understand why you’d like to see their faces. I just love watching them play. It is the busiest, thinkingest position on the field, well suited to a smart, hyperactive . . . Seems like I am thinking of someone in particular.
    Posey is fantastic. You will grow to love him, but probably only after more face time.

  2. the_phanatic_addict

    Hey, You can’t state that you like so many teams on here! People will distrust you! I thought Giants and A’s fans hated eachother.



  3. sfdiamondgirl

    Thanks for reading, Michael! I hope that people will come to trust me as a baseball fan, not just a Giants fan because I honestly like a lot of teams and think good baseball is fun to watch, period. It’s true, though, that most Giants fans hate A’s fans. I am in the overwhelming minority in that and liking Aaron Rowand right now :)

    SF Diamond Girl

  4. nikkiscatch

    i actually love catchers but it would be nice to see their faces! ;) i just look at their body language & i can tell that Buster is really into it. I love how they jump into the pitcher after a big win!

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