Good Fan or Bad Fan?

I always have an urge to hug people who say, “I like going to baseball games even if it’s not teams I like, because I just like watching the game.”  Don’t get me wrong, I bleed orange and black, but I tend to view people who are only interested in their team, as “bad fans”.

It’s along the same lines of why I don’t boo.  I try to appreciate the other team and I don’t really understand the purpose of booing.  Do you want them to go back to their city and not play here?  Obviously not.  Is it just to express your disdain for them?  Why do you have disdain for them?  I get booing a .180 hitter from your own team much more than booing a .320 hitter from the opposing team.  Personally, I don’t do either, but one makes more sense to me than the other.  I think it’s actually just something deeply engrained in American sports viewing, but it’s something I don’t like.  What do you think?

Except when Casey Blake comes up.  He’s my Achilles Heel/Kryptonite.  I boo him.  Now you know.


That’s why I’m excited for the playoffs, whatever it holds for the Giants.  I think we’ll see a lot of good ball and I can’t wait.

Happy Barry Zito Day.  I don’t know if I’m coining that phrase, but surely we need another holiday after the three day weekend, so BZ Day it is.  I’ll be rooting for him tonight.  But I think you knew that.

Beat AZ!  (That chant works remarkably well on places other than LA!)

Diamond Girl

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