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His Orange Shoes, My Orange Shoes

One of my favorite things in life: an excuse to go shoe shopping.  So this thing with Brian Wilson’s orange (now orange and Sharpie black) cleats was too good to pass by.

So I went looking and eventually (it’s harder than you’d think to find some nice orange shoes) found these Italian made orange sandals and fell in love with them.  My pink nail polish clashed with it pretty badly though, so I found this orange nail polish called “tangerine” and the result has been immortalized on camera. 




Now why is there no constitutional amendment that grants people- yes, baseball players are people too- freedom of fashion?  Sign the petition here asking MLB to revoke the fine.  If it’s true that there is no rule, then the fine is incorrect.  And if there is one?  There shouldn’t be.  Unless the cleats have flashing Christmas lights on them, or something.  Every uniform should have a little room for personal flair and the shoes seem like a good place to do it, in a baseball uniform.

Incidentally, I think Brian’s shoes look better post-Sharpie era:

Orange Cleats.JPG

But no, I’m not Sharpie-ing mine.

Here is my promise to you:  if the Giants go to the post-season, I’ll streak my orange toenails with black.  And if they go to the World Series?  I’m getting an orange extension for my hair.  Or maybe a mohawk like Brian?  Kidding.

Diamond Girl


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Buster Posey + Look-Alike

I have changed my background back from Pirates because it’s honestly hard not to be a Giants fan right now.  So today I’m talking Buster Posey

San Francisco has always been a bit of a crazy city… sometimes more than a bit.  But in the past few months the sanity level has plummeted.  The city has gone totally, totally crazy.  It has become entirely BUSTER crazed.  To the extent that for many fans, it seemed his streak mattered more than the Giants winning.

In a way, I get it.  We are fans who have watched a team lose 1-0 for season after season now, and someone who actually hits, is pretty exciting, but I think there are a lot of shifting pieces that are making the team succeed and Posey is just one of them.  Granted, a very impressive and big one, but just one.

I think it’s important to remember Huff, Torres, Wilson, Bumgarner and others who, at times, have been helping the Giants win.  It’s never one person who loses a game, even if that one person lets in the game winning homer and it’s never one person who wins a game, even if they hit the game-winning grand slam.

Again, Buster is amazing out there.  Fun and exciting to watch and his made his mark on Giants rookie history, even though he didn’t pass McCovey.  I just find it funny how he’s become the lucky charm of the Giants.  Not complaining.  And if the lucky charm takes us to a division title, then I will really not complain.

Watching Fox Saturday Baseball today, though, I noticed Buster’s look-alike.  Take a look:



chad billengsley1.jpg

I know Chad Billingsley is a (boos resound) Dodger, but seriously it was the funniest thing when Buster way playing first and Billingsley was the runner.  Twins separated at birth, maybe? 

As seen by my last post, I am sad to see Martinez go.  Big fan of his.  Even though I was at the 11-0 loss last year.  Don’t know  a whole lot about these two relievers we got but hopefully it’ll be good.  If nothing else, Sabean’s confidence should be contagious.

Diamond Girl

p.s.  The three man broadcast booth on KNBR on Satuday?  Made me desert Fox for a while.  Heaven.

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