Tim Lincecum Gets a Clue, Manny Ramirez Doesn’t

timmy's new socks.jpg

You can forgive Timmy for his fashion faux-pas, which has lasted about a year and a half.  He’s young and he’s allowed to look semi-atrocious.  But he got a clue, starting on Friday when he decided that a long face (discussed previously here) is not, in fact, complimented by the long pants.  So he joined Zito in the retro-club (and messing up his pitching by thinking too much.  Thank you Barry.  We appreciate your positive influence on our young pitchers.  Actually, we love you anyway.  You’re on the Dreamy Team).  The socks remind me of a carnival, a little bit, but they’re better than their predecessors.  Congratulations, Timmy.

Meanwhile, Mannywood has ended (who is crying, raise your hand?) and he has still not gotten a clue.  The guy is 38 years old and a MLB veteran and he still wears his uni God-knows-how-many-sizes-too-big.


Whatever.  It’s just Manny Being Manny, right?  ::Diamond Girl bangs head against wall::

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