My Pitch for the No. 5 Spot

No pun intended.  Seriously.

From what I can see, Wellemeyer is still scheduled to start tomorrow, but I have to talk about this anyway.  As great as the Giants pitching is, the reality is the starting rotation doesn’t end half as strongly as it begins.  It’s reasonable to have hope for all of the staff (two time Cy Young Award winner, one time Cy Young award winner, All-Star, no-hitter pitcher) all the way through Todd Wellemeyer.  I saw him pitch in LA this April and by the end of the 2nd it was 7-0 LA.  Think about that for a second.  Yeah.  Things haven’t improved that much.  He can pitch alright at home, but that’s not really good enough, especially for a club with offensive problems, like the Giants.

So people are saying “bring up Bumgarner or Hacker!” but great minds think alike.  I was listening to the Giants wrap-up on Saturday and Mychael Urban said exactly what I was thinking: bring up Joe Martinez.  Hacker and Bumgarner are pitching well, but not that well and to debut Bumgarner in a high pressure hitters park is just madness.  Well, not as mad as starting Welllemeyer, but close.  Joe has Major League experience and recently pitched a complete game in AAA, striking out seven and allowing one run.  I was at the game last season where the Giants lost 11-0.  Martinez let in 8 of those runs.  I get the concerns, but I think he’s back.  The other concern I’ve read “who should be sent down,” which is legitimate, but I’d say we should send down Wellemeyer or a bullpen guy.  If we replaced Wellemeyer in the No. 5 spot but didn’t send him down, he’d presumably go the ‘pen, so we’d be able to send another pitcher from there down.  As Bochy said, Bumgarner is almost ready, but for the Cincinnati start?  We need Joe.

Or we could pitch Wilson in the #5 spot.  I wouldn’t mind a whole game of Brian and we might even break a few records for number of runs allowed by a pitcher. 

Diamond Girl

Update:  Ah, poor Wellemeyer.  He was doing so well.  Wishing him all the best and a speedy recovery.

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