The Blow-Dryer Dilemma

I want to preface this by saying that I am not worried about Tim Lincecum.  There are any number of reasons he could be having difficulties, the foremost one being he’s just having a little skid.  Which everyone has, without fail.  His numbers aren’t even that bad.  However… with all the talk, I felt the need to contribute my theory for why the skid is happening:

The blow-dryer.  Who else noticed that his hair has been looking more than a little different this season?  It’s looking seriously “volumized” (being a teen girl, I know all about that term).  As I see it, the possibilities are that he’s using a volumizing shampoo or gel and/or that he’s blowing it dry.  And, as an on-and-off blow-dryer user myself, I can attest to the fact that that takes its toll on your wrists.  And wrists are, of course, key in pitching.  See what I’m getting at?  You can groan and shake your head as much as you like, but I am pretty convinced.

My suggestion to Lincecum is to immediately cease and desist.  Unless he is pleased enough with the results that he thinks his career is made as a male model, in which case there is no reason to keep pitching.  I mean, I’d rather have good hair than a good pitching arm, but that’s just me.

We just lost (Giants style- in a totally heart-breaking way) 6-3 to the Pirates.  I think my next blog post will be my pitch for the #5 spot.  Or maybe just the on-the-road #5 spot.  We’ll see.

Diamond Girl

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One response to “The Blow-Dryer Dilemma

  1. StlCardinals06

    Living in NorCal, I have seen Timmy be lights out for the last few years, and this “skid” or whatever you want to call it needs to stop. I am a Cardinals fan, but geographically, I follow the Giants as well. Personally, I think it is time for the hair to go.

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