Why We Need Braun, not Fielder

Well.  Not sure whether fluke is really the right word at this point.  Gigantes have had a pretty bad skid the past week or so.  Giants pitchers have struggled with command and hitters have struggled to get on base, but the bottom line is that the Giants aren’t driving runners home. 

Prince Fielder trade rumors are flying and the Giants are a good candidate, if the Brewers do give him up.  One of the best pitching rotations in the Majors looking for just that bat and a team with some nasty hitters, looking for just that pitcher- what better trade?

I actually am totally in sync with the people saying a trade with Milwaukee is in order, except for one little thing: I say we need Ryan Braun, not Prince Fielder.

By the stats:  Fielder is 97th, batting .271 on the MLB batting list, with 7 homers and 19 RBIs.  He has 166 plate appearances this year.  Braun is 14th on the list, batting .324, with 7 homers and 30 RBIs.  He has 170 plate appearances.

And!  While first base has hot-hitting Aubrey Huff, left field is empty due to Mark DeRosa’s wrist issue, which will have him out for a little while more, at the least, and may plague him throughout the year.  Schierholtz has battled an injury leaving the Giants with an empty left field if they replace him with Torres, or a slumping Bowker. 

Additionally, Fielder is a home-run hitter and there’s frankly no guarantee that he could hit home-runs at AT&T Park.  More useful for the Giants would be a strong hitter, who does hit homers, but is also fast and gets plenty of base-hits (aka: Ryan Braun).

Not to mention that fact that since Fielder will likely be one of the only power-hitting first basemen on the trade market, he quite possibly will be in high demand.  Braun does appear to have a no-trade clause, but if we made a nice enough offer…?  And included some homemade brownies in the deal?  What guy would refuse homemade brownies?  And what fashion-designing, So  Cal guy would refuse a chance to play in San Fran?

Who else is convinced?

If you’re out there Bruce Bochy/Brian Sabean/Ryan Braun…

Diamond Girl

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One response to “Why We Need Braun, not Fielder

  1. seedboy

    Diamond Girl, you are right about one thing. The Giants need someone who hits and has speed, more than they need a home run type hitter.
    Robert Seeds, Berkeley CA

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