Positive Vibes from San Fran

I was born and raised directly opposite the Golden Gate Bridge and I listen to KNBR 680 every day.  My favorite colors are orange and black.  You could say I’m a little biased.  But hear me out.  I have a good reason for you to root for San Fran v. LA. 


So you know the whole rivalry thing?  Check out their cheers:


1.       Giants Suck!  (LA)

2.       Beat LA!  (SF)


What is the first difference you notice?  Let me tell you what I notice.  “Giants Suck” is a negative, “Beat LA” is a positive.  I was at the game down south when LA was losing 9-0 (Timmy was on the mound.  Life was good.) and Dodger fans were still cheering, “Giants Suck”, which sounds a little silly when they’re not just losing, but being shut down by the two year, reigning Cy Young Award Winner.  Because, well, evidently, Giants don’t suck.

Now turn the tables around and say Giants are losing 9-0 to the Dodgers, and we’re cheering “Beat LA.”  That’s a positive message for the fans to give the players.  We’re saying, Come back, win this thing.  We believe in you.  We’re cheering on our own team, not bashing the other, which is way classier, by the way.


In San Francisco, we do have a nice positive vibe, you know.  With a competitive streak too.  And I choose “beat” over “suck” any day.


Gigantes are in San Diego today and we’re gonna win.  We’re not going 0-8 against them.  Let’s all channel some good, positive karma to the team.  I did it with Barry Zito in LA.  And it worked.  (Well, they lost, but that’s a different story.  He pitched amazingly.)  7:05 gametime.  So pumped.  Will be glued to my radio.

How about we make it “Beat SD”, just for today?


Love you, Giants.


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